Imri Ziv: “I think an Uptempo song among alot of ballads make it more memorable”

Imri Ziv is going to represent Israel next May in Kyiv in the 62nd Eurovision Song Contest. We entered in touch with him and he could answer some of our questions. Do you want to discover it? Just read it below!

1. Imri Ziv, of Romanian-Jewish and Ukrainian-Jewish. Who did you say Imri Ziv is?

I’m proud of both my Ukranian side and my romanian side , but when i’m asked what I am, I say Israeli first.

2. Your passion for music comes earlier; you were part of a boyband when you studied in the Ilan Ramon High School . How these years were?

 It wasn’t a boyband cause it was a mix of boys and girls singing together . Highschool was fun times and that when I realized I want to be a Singer.

3. This is not the only time Imri Ziv was in a music band, while doing your obligatory military service, you practiced in a musical band of the Education and Youth Corps Unit of the Israel Defense Forces. Did you have clear that you wanted to be a singer?

It was clear to me even before . singing in my military service was another step to becoming who I am today. 

4. However, you didn’t study music or something like that but communication sciences. Didn’t you think that you could became a singer?

I did study music in high school; and My communication studies are very intersting but it comes second to music, which is my real passion.

5. In 2012 you took part in the first season of  The Voice Israel ; in the battle rounds, your opponent  Orti Shalom was the person to go to the next round. What did you feel in that moment?

I’m not gonna lie, it hurt at the time. But as a musician you need to be able to hear a “NO” , than you need to think what is next and not to let this one “No” to break you.

6. You’re not only a singer but also voice actor. You are the hebrew voice of one character in the movie Trolls, what can you say of that experience?

I actually just sang in the songs in the movie, I didn’t do a character . It was still fun to be a part of this hilarious movie.

7. Now we’re moving to the main theme: Eurovision. Your first experience was as a backing vocalist in 2015 (Nadav Guedj) and 2016 (Hovi Star). Did you ever think that one day you could be the representative of Israel?

I never thought that I will be israel’s representative for the Eurovision. Only when I came a backing Singer and witnessed it with my own eyes , I began telling myself :“I can do this”.

Imri Ziv
Photo: Ronen Akerman

8. How it comes the idea to apply to HaKokhav Haba?

My good friend Hovi star encouraged me to sign in and participate in the competition , I was against it at the beginning but but try to say no to Hovi… it’s impossible !

9. During the contest, you sang songs from artists such as Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Rihanna, and Kelly Clarkson. Are you a fan of the ‘divas’?

I’m a fan of amazing Vocal singers, not just divas. It was a contest , and  I  wanted to give my best to show my vocal qualities and diva’s songs are perfect for it.

10. 74% of approval decide that you was the winner and representative of Israel in Kyiv. Do you think you could win or maybe that you won’t?

The other competitors were very good and the competition was tight but I kept on believing I can win. The moment I realized that I’m gonna represent my country was epic.

11. The song you’re going to sing is called “I Feel Alive”. Could you describe it in just three words?

Dance -Fun- Me

12. Your song could be described a dance hit, do you think this give you advantage in this full of ballads Eurovision?

Yes, I think an Uptempo song among a lot of ballads make it more memorable; but I believe my song is good enough to stand out even if there weren’t a lot of ballads.

13. You used to ignore this question but we always ask for it. Can you ahead us some detail of the performance we’ll be seeing in Ukraine next May?

We still haven’t decided about the details yet but as I can imagine it , there will be dancing ( and not only on the stage , but also the crowd).

Imri Ziv
Photo: Ronen Akerman

14 We like the representatives that are fans of the Contest. So we would like to know if you listened some of the competing songs in Kyiv and which you think is the strongest rival.

There are few entries that are my favourite , and they are really good , this year is going to be challenging. But I can’t tell which one is the strongest rival.

15. What’s your favorite entry of Israel?

Golden boy!  It was a fresh and fun song. So different than anything we ever sent to the Eurovision.

16. Do you listen “Do it For Your Lover” the song that Manel Navarro will sing as spanish representative?

I did and it’s realy good!  Great song and great voice Manel has.

17. During your stay in Viena and also Stockholm you entered in touch with the spanish delegation and we know you know Irene Mahía and Giuseppe di Bella.  Would you come to Spain and be our representative in a future?

I have cultural connection to Spain and maybe one day I will, but right now I’m still overwellmed by the fact that representing  my country and that is my focus right now.

18. The last one is, which are your future plans after Eurovision Song Contest?

Eurovision for me besides being a huge thing , is also a great step towards greater things in my life and my career , and I plan to keep on sing in perform in Israel and all around europe  .

All we’re left to say is thank you for dedicate your time to answer our questions. We wish you the best of lucks in Kyiv! Now, it’s your turn to say something to the readers of and the eurofans all over the world.

I get a lot of support from fans around Spain and I wanted to thank each and everyone, it means a lot! You are more than welcome to follow my journey on my Instagram:  ImriZiv . I hope you all enjoy this year’s eurovisión , I know I will.




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