Cesár Sampson: “My song and video for Eurovision will be released in february”

1. At the age of seventeen you started touring the world as the lead singer for some of Austria’s most internationally acclaimed alternative music acts (Kruder & Dorfmeister, Sofa Surfers, Louie Austen). From where it comes your like for music?

My mother is a professional musician, so the combination of natural talent and opportunity definitely stirred me towards this career.

2. After that you mainly worked from behind the scenes of the music business, as a songwriter, lyricist and vocal producer in various international productions. What do you prefer: songwriter, lyricist, producer, singer or maybe a mix of all of them?

These days i’d say I prefer singer, mostly because it is with my voice, that I can communicate with my audience most directly. Ergo, it’s my favorite!

3. Whose idea was it to present a proposal to the ORF to represent Austria in Eurovision?

Aside of me just really liking Eurovision, having experienced it up-close , my team members basically kept feeding this idea to me for years (very subtly) until i started going “why actually not? As the years went by, also members of the austrian delegation prompted me about this topic, which caused me to submit my song this year.

4. How did you feel when you learned that in the month of May you would travel to Lisbon to defend the colors of your country?

Great! Its always a nice feeling when people other than your friends and co-workers share and understand your vision. It has become apparent the ORF chose me for the right reasons, which is even more reassuring.

5. Previously you have seen something more of the Eurovision stage, first as a support singer of Poli Genova in the performance of “If love was a crime” and last year as a member of the production team, Symphonix International, of the Bulgarian theme 2017 “Beautiful mess”. Do you think that thanks to this there is an advantage over your rivals?

In general, the years of eurovision experience can’t hurt, sure! But its too early to say how much of an experience it will really be! I sense there will be unusually many entries with a legitimate claim to victory this time around.

6. “Nobody but you” is the title of the song that you’ll be defending on stage next May. What can you ahead about it? (Process of choosing the song, style …)

At the moment I can give you no further information about the song. Even though it’s in it’s final production stage, there still might be last minute changes, the songs’ title being no exception to this.

7. When can we listen to it?

The audio & video release will be in February .

8. We take for granted it’s very soon to ask you about it but, are you thinking about the on-stage performance in Eurovision?

It is early but we are already working on it quite concretely!

9. There have those who compare your voice with Craig David’s, what do you have to say about it?

He is a very good singer, so I can only take it as a compliment!

10. Austria has won the Festival twice with Udo Jürgens and Conchita Wurst. Do you see yourself trained to get the third one winning?

Short answer: Yes! Me and my team certainly bring the experience and credentials to be a contender. Although i assume, that will apply to other countries’ entries as well! I guess we’ll have to wait and see:)

11. Eurovision In Concert, London Eurovision Party, EsPre-Party 2018 … Do you plan to promote your entry for the different countries?

I think I will definitely be present on some of these occasions, these Pre-parties always have been good fun in the past.

12. We have read that your mother lives in Spain and we love the representatives of the Festival. What Spanish song at Eurovision is your favorite?

I liked Barei’s song and especially her strong performance in the final of 2016, it deserved more points in my opinion.

13. A simple one, to finish. What are the plans of Cesár Sampson after Eurovision?

Though I live in the moment, there are a number of projects already in the pipe-line. Offstage and onstage.



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